Food Safety

Food Safety has been part of the Wilcox tradition for generations. Floyd Wilcox, grandfather of the current owners, understood that quality and reliability of the produce he offered also meant safe potatoes for a returning customer. Our state-of-the-art facility continues this tradition into the 21st century.

Time-tested standards and expectations have been handed down to the generation that brings you fresh produce today. A committee of cross-department personnel operates, reviews, and drives the food safety program. These daily, weekly, and monthly steps prepare Wilcox Fresh to pass Global Food Safety Initiative audits. We can boast with satisfaction of running one of the cleanest and most orderly potato packing sheds in Idaho. Our excellent scores from Primus Labs is just icing on the cake. For an example of our food safety expertise, you can view our recent food safety audit certificate. Just click the link below.

2015 Food Safety Certificate

2016 Food Safety Certificate